IP67 Mobile/ Indoor/ Outdoor Node

Networking and Edge Computing to Where It's Needed Most

Data Gravity solution easily connects existing infrastructure, cameras, and traffic systems to the SARAHAI platform.


SARAHAI 1U 2-Node System

Advanced Technology that Scales

Managed Services Density 200 Video Feeds per System


Autonomous Security

The Nodes are optimized high performance edge-computing systems running the SARHAHAI platform. The Nodes maintain situational awareness across 100 live surveillance cameras per node and initiate action in real-time to stop or prevent a situation. This is much different than reviewing video content after an event.

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Advanced Storage and Retrieval Technology

GPU Accelerated Processing and advanced data storage and networking technologies combined make "The Node" an economical "turn-key system" for local security services monitoring. Made in USA.

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The Network is the Computer

"The phrase was first coined in 1984 by John Gage, the 21st employee of Sun Microsystems, where he was credited with building Sun's vision around “The Network is the Computer.”"